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TC Kline E46 Front Control Arm Bushing - Delrin

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USD $124.00

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TC Kline Delrin Front Control Arm Bushing Set- E46 NON-M

A solution to the inherent flex associated with the stock rubber parts. This bushing set offers stability that you will immediately feel under braking and high corner load. The car becomes more responsive, turn in is improved, and tire scrub is reduced.

This part requires the use of the E46 M3 Aluminum "lollipop" bushing housing. In most cases you will need to remove (cut off) the lower section of the lollipop that protrudes downward in order to make the undertray fit back into place. The M3 has a structural bracket that mounts to this peice that is not needed on the non-M E46 3 series.

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