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TC Kline MONOBALL Rear Shock Mounts

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TC KLINE RACING MONOBALL Rear Shock Mounts - A known weak component in all BMW rear suspensions. We recommend replacing rear shock mounts when you change suspension and we suggest that you upgrade to a stronger aftermarket mount. TC Kline Racing has done extensive development and testing to produce two specific types of mounts, a high-performance street and monoball mount for track and race use. Each of these versions will yield maximum performance by allowing the shock to properly dampen the action of the rear wheels.  Many other mounts, especially OEM replacement mounts, actually hinder the shocks ability to do its job.

*These rear shock mounts are designed to be used with externally adjustable rear shocks. If your shock has an adjuster that comes out of the top of the shaft this is the shock mount that you likely need. These types of shocks have a larger outter diameter shaft to accomodate the adjuster that fits down through the shock shaft.

If your shocks are NOT externally adjustable (adjustable from inside the trunk of your car) then you will need the 10mm ID rear shock mounts. These shocks are typically off the shelf Koni Sport Shocks and are commonly known as "Compress to Adjust" shocks. 

If you have questions about fitment please feel free to call us at 614.771.7744