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 Performance Suspension 101

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1984-1992 BMW 3 Series

1992-1999 BMW 3 Series

2006-2011 BMW 3 Series

      '82-'91 BMW E30

          '92-'99 BMW E36

             '99-'06 BMW E46

        '06-'13 BMW  E9X

BMW 1 Series


       '07-'13 BMW E82

          '11-'19  F22, F30

     '15-'21 F8X M3, M4, M2

         '21- G8X M3, M4















          '96-'02 BMW Z3


          '02-'08 BMW Z4



       '01-  Mini R53/R56







A brief tutorial on suspensions: 

A number of suppliers claim mono-tube struts and shocks are superior to our twin-tube design.  This is just not true! Quality valving and structural integrity are all that matter, so don't get sucked in by such claims. Furthermore, high pressure gas dampers reduce ride quality on the street, while not offering any improvements on the track. TC Kline/Koni dampers are made to our specifications and have special fluid which will not foam, even without gas pressure.

Second:  High spring rates are great with fresh tires on a smooth track, but in the real world,SUSPENSION COMPLIANCE IMPROVES TRACTION.When conditions are not ideal, which is 90% of the time, a softer suspension will allow the tires to work without being overloaded.Our philosophy is to install the softest setup possible - WITHOUT COMPROMISING LAP TIMESThat way you will be faster for longer, because your tires will not degrade as quickly, and your car will perform much better in less than ideal conditions.

It takes many years of experience and continuous learning to fully appreciate this. - TC Kline

Click the  'Performance Suspension 101'  link on the left for more detail




 "Our goal at TC Kline Racing is to provide you with the finest performance    upgrade parts and components available anywhere. Whether your goal is to  improve street comfort and performance, have more fun at autocrosses and  driving schools, or compete in any level of racing, TC Kline Racing can provide you with uncompromising performance." TC Kline

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Custom Titan-7 T-S5 19x10 et22
Custom Titan-7 T-S5 19x10 et22

USD $830.00

Custom Titan-7 T-S5 19x11 et44
Custom Titan-7 T-S5 19x11 et44

USD $840.00

TCK Black Titanium Pro Studs 12x70
TCK Black Titanium Pro Studs 12x70

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TCK Black Titanium Pro Stud 14x80
TCK Black Titanium Pro Stud 14x80

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TC Kline Racing Faded T-shirt: Free Freight!
TC Kline Racing Faded T-shirt: Free Freight!

USD $25.00

TCK Rebound Adjuster Tool
TCK Rebound Adjuster Tool

USD $24.00


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